Skull Halloween Makeup | Tips & Tricks

halloween skull makeup tutorial

Makeup Used —

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Tips & Tricks —

  • Face – First use your fingers to apply the white base. Blends much more pigmented with this technique than any of the brushes I tried. Then use a beauty blender to blend out all the streaks and imperfections.
  • Brushes – Use thin, angled brushes to apply the black makeup. The thinner the better to create precise lines for the teeth and cheekbones.
  • Matte Finish – My makeup didn’t air-dry quickly so I took a tissue paper and lightly blotted to pick up any excess product. After that, I went in with a fluffy eye shadow brush and some Urban Decay shadow in Oil Slick to mattify the look and add some shimmer. Forever 21 also puts out a decent “Naturals Palette” with plenty of charcoal and black shadows that could be used instead. It’s a great inexpensive option if you’re not trying to goop up the Urban Decay colors with all the halloween makeup paint.
  • Eyelashes – I used some way more dramatic lashes than I typically wear on a night out. I think a dramatic smokey eye helps balance out all that’s going on in the bottom half of the face. I picked this pair of Classic False Lashes from Forever 21 for only $1.00. I don’t mind being a little cheap with the lashes considering this is purely a costume look and not a natural, night-out face.

I’m thinking about ditching my previous Halloween costume idea in favor of this makeup look. But Halloween conveniently falls on a Friday this year, so I’m sure I’ll have a chance to rock both costumes Friday and Saturday nights. Hope these tips help!


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