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Gift Guide for the Fashionably Fit

This past year, I have really gotten back into health & fitness. So, I’m very excited to share today’s holiday gift guide for all the fashionably fit ladies in your life. I’m one of those Nike obsessed people – completely enamored with the brand personality and aesthetic. I’m all about the tagline, “Just do it.” This has definitely inspired my workouts, snowboarding, and half marathon this year. The Nike pieces in this gift guide are quality items that can really help take a workout to the next level. The long sleeve in particular is one of my new favorites. The slim fit is SO comfortable and the slight v-neckline is such a feminine cut. All the other accessories on this list are just some items that every health-nut has wanted at some point or another but likely never made the trip to buy. I just finally purchased a blender bottle this month which has made post-workout protein shakes so much simpler. And I have been dying to get a foam roller to stretch out on for the day after a long run. Hope this list inspires some gift ideas for the active friends on your holiday lists!

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